Conference Success

posted Apr 12, 2011, 9:21 AM by Jaye Jones   [ updated Apr 12, 2011, 9:32 AM ]

On Saturday April 9, 2011 students from the Reading Against the Odds Program attended the annual On the Road to Literacy Conference at UIC which was hosted by the Literacy Volunteers of Illinois. The 20th annual conference ran from 9am - 3pm during which time tutors, teachers and adult learners were able to visit numerous informative, fun and thought provoking workshops that addressed a variety of literacy related issues. With over twenty workshops there was something for everyone.

The RAO group successfully held its very own workshop at the conference. Our aim was to get the word out about the Reading Against the Odds program. Reading Against the Odds adult learners  spoke about their own experiences within the class during the workshop. Students stood proud as they talked about the progress they've made, the books they've read, and the skill and concepts they have learned since joining the program.

The workshop was led by Amina Egwiekhor, RAO co-facilitator along with RAO students Linda Williams, Nona Branick, Vicki Ferguson, Charles Barnett, Harold Barnes, Cheri Hubbard, and Latoya Dean.